First Grade

Students standing in a line with backpacks

Welcome to first grade at Jefferson!

In first grade reading we will be building a strong foundation in phonetics to help your child to be a successful reader now as well as later in life.  This is accomplished using a program called Success For All.  We will group the children in reading, making smaller groups, so we can focus on each child’s needs.

In math it is very important for children to learn how numbers relate through addition, subtraction, commutative and associative properties.  A strong emphasis is also put on problem solving in various ways throughout the year.

Another major focus in first grade is writing.  Students are learning to become authors.  We work on the importance of ideas, organization, and conventions.

First grade provides many opportunities to help them learn many skills needed throughout their life time. They are learning to be more responsible, how to deal with conflicts and social skills that are needed to become a successful adult. We look forward to seeing your children every day to help them grow into being the best they can be.

Mrs. Dixon
Mrs. Wewer