Principal’s Book Club At Jefferson

Melanie Laster Surrounded by Students at Book Club

On Friday, March 2, 2018 Jefferson Elementary held their monthly meeting of The Principal’s Book Club. Students of all grade levels participated and had a great time sharing some of their favorite books.

“My favorite thing about the Principal’s Book Club is sharing and talking about books.” -Emily, 4th grade

“This book club helped me to read on my own time and it is really fun. This year I am reading “Wonder” and what I liked most was how the story was about how we can all relate to each other no matter what we look like.” -Geneva, 5th grade

“I like staying after school and talking with Mrs. Laster. I am reading “Little House in the Big Woods”. My favorite part is the whole book!” -Andrew, 3rd grade

It was clear that both the students and Mrs. Laster enjoyed spending time together learning. To view a Facebook Live video of this month’s Principal’s Book Club, please click here: Principal’s Book Club at Jefferson Elementary

The following was provided by Jefferson Elementary Principal, Melanie Laster.

The Principal’s book club was designed to motivate students to read during the summer months.  All students who wish to participate are given a log to list books and/or times they read.  The criteria is shared and parents must sign off on the sheet.  Once they return in August, they are members of the club.

We meet monthly to discuss books and share students’ reviews.  Then each student chooses a favorite book to create a book talk.  Some work independently and some work with a partner. The green screen is used to record their reviews and then these are shared in all of the classrooms in May.  Teachers promote the book club at that time after playing the reviews. It has been a small group but one of my favorite activities with students.  The students get so excited sharing their books and you can see their love for reading.