Talent to Spare

Two Students Bowling

Bowling is a sport that is enjoyed by many of USD 475 students both for recreation and for athletics. Some schools use the sport for incentives or rewards while the middle schools practice it for an extracurricular sport.

Fort Riley Middle School hosted a bowling tournament at Custer Hill Bowling Center on Wednesday, February 14, 2018. In attendance were Junction City Middle School, Topeka Middle School, and Emporia Middle School. After practicing for weeks seventh grade boys, eighth grade girls and boys all placed in the tournament:

7th grade boys:
1st: TJ Lindsay, JCMS; 573  also was the highest series of the whole tournament
3rd: Logan Lindsley , JCMS; 388
5th: Jeremiah Rodrigues,  JCMS ; 367

8th grade girls:
2nd: Allyson Heidenreich, JCMS; 403
4th: Brinley Vanwey, JCMS; 395

8th grade boys:
3rd: Brandon Beltran, FRMS; 473
4th: Cody Sharp, JCMS; 410

Congratulations to Fort Riley Middle School and Junction City Middle School for a job well done!

Jefferson Elementary 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders also went bowling this week at Custer Hill Bowling Alley on Fort Riley. At the conclusion of their bowling module in PE, the students were given the opportunity to bowl on February 16, 2018.


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